Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 – Explained with Images

WordPress has long grown from just a blog platform, at the moment you can make a site of any level without spending a penny. An example of this can be free themes for WordPress. All you need is to download the theme, install it and configure it. For 2017, I wrote quite a few records of the same subject, but time flies fast and it’s time to move to 2018 and analyze the best of the best. It is for this and created this compilation, where you specifically were chosen eight of the best. Scroll down to see our Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018.

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018

1. CT Corporate

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 CT-Corporate

CT Corporate is a business theme built on Bootstrap 3.0, thus it is displayed perfectly on all devices. It is also suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, where you need to have a blog and landing page at the same time.

With this theme, you get 6 landing pages, 3 different blog page formats + standard. And the following components: portfolio team and the ability to customize your own widgets in the sidebar.


2. Somalite

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 soma

Somelite is a flawless WooCommerce-enabled theme that will be an opening for any business that wants to quickly open an online store. This theme is also written on Bootstrap 3.0 and thus it is displayed perfectly on all devices. In addition, the theme has settings, fonts, colors and more.


3. Flash

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 flash

Flash is a multitasking theme, will be an excellent choice for small business. Out of the box, you get a lot of demo options for displaying the theme, so you can navigate what elements are present in it. So, the theme has 11 custom widgets. Page “About us” is ready, you just need to fill in information about your business.


4. ShopIsle

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 shop-isle

ShopIsle is a completely free theme that is suitable for creating an online store. Like any other theme, you have blog formats, landing page elements, and WooCommerce support.


5. Wisteria

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 Wisteria

Wisteria is a theme written on Bootstrap 3.0, thus it is displayed correctly on all devices. It is suitable for photographers, freelancers, bloggers etc. Of the other, it pros can see a new and fresh look which is suitable for 2018, additional widgets, private record formats etc.


6. Bandana

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 Bandana-Lite

Bandana is a theme for your personal blog. It has all the stylistic features of the trends of 2018, built-in widgets, co-page formats, etc. Like all the above topics, it is written on Bootstrap, which makes it correctly displayed on all devices.


7. Peony

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 Peony

Peony is a high-level theme that allows you to customize a project of any level. It quickly loaded, contains a decent number of widgets, page formats, as well as elements for the formation of the landing page.


8. Louis

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 Louis

Louis is a business theme that includes all the necessary functionality for a quick start: widgets, custom page formats, elements for building landing pages, as well as additional modules such as “about team”, “Portfolio”, etc.


9. EduPress

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 EduPress

Edu Press is an educational website theme with advanced content editing capabilities. Like many themes, it has a different post and page formats and its own widgets.


10. Catwalk

Top 10 Free WordPress themes 2018 Catwalk

Catwalk is a theme suitable for fashion agencies. Own designer, a set of widgets, many formats. Customize everything the way you want. Just look at the demo and you will understand.

Demo | Download

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