WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog Explained

WordPress 4.9.5 is now available. So, in this post, we are going to give a brief explanation of all the important WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog. This WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog mainly contains security and maintenance updates for all versions since WordPress 3.7.  This maintenance and security release fixes 28 bugs.

Wordpress 4.9.5 changelog explained explained

Top Security WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog

1. From now WordPress never treat localhost as the same host by default by disallowing localhost in wp_http_validate_url()

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog 1s

2. Use safe redirects when redirecting the login page if SSL is forced by switching to wp_safe_redirect() when redirecting the login page when SSL is forced.

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog 11

3. Version string is correctly escaped for use in generator tags. File: trunk/src/wp-includes/general-template.php

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog 12

Top maintenance WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog

Twenty-five other bugs were fixed in WordPress 4.9.5. Particularly of note were:

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog for Build/Test Tools

Update prefixed CSS properties in about.css as Firefox 52+ supports unprefixed column-count and column-gap properties.


WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog 10

prefixed column-count and column-gap properties not needed anymore explained by Mozilla

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog Twenty Seventeen theme

1. Twenty Seventeen: Twenty Seventeen removes default link underline and replaces it with box-shadow:

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog 9

This is done for posts, widgets, and navigation, but not for comments, so links in comments are indistinguishable from the text.

2. Bump version number and update changelog in Twenty Seventeen for 4.9.5 release

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog 6

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog for Comments

Remove unnecessary aria-required attribute for elements that have required attribute from /wp-includes/comment-template.php . having both required and aria-required means a wider range of support for browsers and assistive technology. It’s safe to use just.required nowadays

From now you cannot post empty comments. which is a good sign. Means less Spam in the comment section.

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog with name

But what happened if you submit without typing anything. let see

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog with name comment

Oops, the error message does not contain anything about comment text-box. As it is a required field then the error message should mention it.

Customization Changelogs

1. In menus: correct oversized viewport after dragging menu items that means whenever you try to edit child menu in certain devices “Save” button automatically disappears. In the below animation you can easily notice the changes before and after.


2. Correct closing tags in customize_themes_print_templates()
PHP editor for this file: wp-admin > Includes > theme.php had two button tags at the bottom are not closed properly.

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog 5

3. In menus: Can’t reset results when closing the ‘add items’ panel.

Let you were trying to search a menu from the search field after having clicked “add items”, then you closed the menu items panel by clicking Esc button from keyboard. And when you clicked again on “Add items” you will find the panel be empty like earlier. You have to click on the cross within the search field to reveal the menu items. You can watch these videos to see the bug before and after.



General WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog

Replace Cheatin’ uh? with friendlier error messages


While intended as a playful error message, Cheatin’ uh? can be interpreted as insulting or accusatory in an already stressful situation. This replaces Cheatin’ with more meaningful error messages, depending on the error that occurs.

Recommended PHP Version Increased to 7.2

Inside of the readme file in WordPress, the current recommended PHP version is 7.0. This version of PHP reached the end of life last December. In 4.9.5, the recommended version is PHP 7.2. This is the same version that is recommended on

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog for Media

1.  Fix image cropping on touchscreen devices

A kid was trying to crop the image from a mobile device, but it’s not working for him. You can check his ticket here. Thanks to WordPress core developers, they have solved it too.

2. On Media Settings screen, make the pairs of labels and inputs always stacked vertically, on both mobile and desktop screens.

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog Explained 1

With 4.9 wp-admin/css/common.css was introduced which is specific to the options-media.php and disables breaks on that page for desktop, and then they become visible on mobile. This broke the layout of Easy Fancybox and potentially other plugins that added content to the options-media page and any that had broken in their code.

3. Grid view – correct placeholder positioning during uploads

Pending uploads in the Media Library appear in the 2nd to the last position during upload instead of the top left position as expected also if you upload multiple images, they appear as duplicates until the entire set has completed uploading

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog 8

4. Revert max-width styles on caption shortcodes.

The default caption output had the inline style changed from width: xx to max-width: xx, “to improve compatibility with flexible layouts.” Smerriman a WordPress theme expert mentioned that he had written a large number of themes that include this extremely basic style:

.alignleft, .alignright {max-width:50%;}

This ensures floated images, regardless of whether they are with or without a caption, never take up more than 50% of the column width, allowing enough space for text to wrap around them regardless of the screen size. Know more from here.

5. Avoid a PHP warning in wp_calculate_image_srcset() if a plugin returns a non-array value via wp_calculate_image_srcset() filter

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog 4

PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /wp-includes/media.php on line 1206

6. Correctly allow changing PDF thumbnail crop value

Wordpress 4.9.5 changelog

The current ! ‘thumbnail’ === $s condition doesn’t appear to work as expected. It’s only satisfied if $s is boolean false. It should indeed be ‘thumbnail’ !== $s.

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog for Bundled plugins:

Update Hello Dolly lyrics:

WordPress 4.9.5 Changelog for hallo dolly

some of the lines displayed in the dashboard from the Hello Dolly plugin are inappropriate without context. In 4.9.5, the plugin will no longer display those lines.

Wrapping up

Besides those bugs mentioned above, they have removed some other bugs also. Such as there was an Infinite loop in wp_mkdir_p with open_basedir restrictions, a PHP 7.2 warning in wp_kses_attr(), They also removed some Rest API bugs.

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