How To Start A Dating Website In 2021 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

Want to know How to start a dating website in 2021?

Then you just have landed in the right place.

That’s would be the best decision you ever made in your life to start a dating website as it will definitely help 1000’s people around the globe while making money online on behalf of you. So, read till the end, I have a gift for you.

How to start a dating website in 2021

What is the deal?

Who doesn’t want to make passive income on a platform that works on autopilot? Yes, The decision to start a dating website can grow the weight of your bank account while you are sleeping too. So, start a dating website today and begin living like a boss.

I guaranteed, After reading this guide, you will get a clear idea to start your dream’s dating website today and make a path for your success.

Starting a dating website is not complicated at all, but all you need some guidance, which helps you to start a dating website in 2021.

Here are a few steps and I’m gonna kind of dive deep into starting your own dating website.

Choose a Niche to start a dating website

Choose a Niche to start a dating website

One of the main things you wanna really focus on is finding your own niche (It’s is like a topic). You really want to narrow down who you’re trying to target. For example,, which is an online dating website and this is for lonely Trekkies.

Remember, the narrower the leash is and the more specific it is it’s gonna affect the volume and the number of people you can get on there.  This can also depend on how high you can go and profitability with your business model.

So that’s something to really keep in mind when you are finding a niche. For instance, with my own case, I’ll be starting actually found two niches that I’m gonna be focusing on. However, I’m not going to tell you guys what those niches are?

Did you know? That 99% of online dating businesses failed in starting six months because they choose the niche which they don’t passionate about.

So, you should choose one niche that you are passionate about and after that, you should think about how to start a dating website in 2021?

Let me help to clear your confusion with some examples: It is an online dating service oriented at connecting Russian and Ukrainian women with Western men, looking for a Slavic girlfriend or wife. The site is free to join. Premium features such as Real-Time Chat, Video IM, etc. are available to members with credits.

TransSingle: They offer the best of the best when it comes to the world of transgender dating sites. It uniquely focuses on relationships as opposed to random hookups.

SingleInThailand: SingleInThailand, the name is enough to target an audience from Thailand only.  It is a new website in the Thai Dating community, We have created it to promote a new type of service that involves no fee at all, to make sure everyone gets to enjoy it.

Need more tips in choosing a profitable niche. Here are some steps to find a profitable niche to start a dating website.

Focus On Your Business Model

Focus On Your Business Model to start a dating website

I’ll be really laser beaming and on so another thing you want to also focus on is your business model. So there are two types of ways you can start a dating website. You can do a subscription where everybody pays some sort of a fee to keep using your services, monthly or annually.

There’s another free one and you can run ads on your site. You can make money through that. For instance, some websites are free, and they have ads and they have 30 million users, and their subscription ones only have 1.6 million users but they’re getting money from each of those clients.

Now if you’re doing a subscription then you have to make sure you’re giving your customers some sort of value. They might want to know what they are paying for, right? What I am going to get paying on your site, blah, blah.

For instance,, they have about 1.5 million subscribers. That they are billing probably every single month and there is plenty of fish, which are enjoying for free. Thus they are bringing a large audience to their website as a free platform and earning by showing advertisements on their website.

So, that’s something to really think about and which route you want to go. Again think about it and if you are going one way or another you just always want to make sure you are providing what your client is expecting of it.

Choose a Good Domain to start a dating website

Choose a Good Domain for your dating site

How could I choose a good domain name to start a dating website? Everyone should be very confused at this stage.

First: Use your own independent domain name. At a time when the internet was just popular, many web hosting companies offered free sub-level domain names or directories in the form of URLs. For a website that really makes a difference on the internet, the potential risk of using someone else’s second-level domain name is very large.

Second: The domain name is must be easy to remember, short, and easy to remember. Use only the English alphabet only and never use numbers. Because remembering numbers is not an easy task.

Third: The domain name can hold the main keyword. This would be helpful in SEO.

Fourth: Always Use TLD Extension. It is best to choose a .com as the extension of your domain name as it is used globally.

If still, you have confusion in choosing a high-quality domain name for your dating website you can get help from

Find a Good Dating Software Provider

Though there are many dating software available out there to start a dating website today. But, you to understand the market before investing, right.

So, what are the main points that you must follow to start a dating website?

  • Video Chat: Your software must have a Video Chat facility
  • Matchmaking: Matching users using profile info and send notification of new matches via email. The best technique to make money from a dating website.
  • Member level management: You must have the facility to choose any variations of premium (paid) membership on your site depending on your niche. That [VIP] badge on your profile matters a lot.
  • Credit System: Software should have the facility to buy or earn credits to spend on various site benefits, including Hot list, messaging, virtual gifts, and more. Another powerful monetization mechanisms on modern dating sites.
  • One-on-one Chat: The software must have control over users. Only paid subscribers easily communicate on your site.
  • Virtual Gifts: Virtual gifts like flowers, pets, gems can attract people to subscribe.
  • Advertisement: Software must have the facility to organize ads eg. google AdSense.
  • Built-in SEO: Traffic is the heart of any online business. A good SEO friendly software can easily provide lots of users to your dating website.
  • Advanced Photo View/Upload: Beautiful people like to upload photos on their profile. So, a Pinterest-style photo uploading system is a must for a dating website.
  • Template Customization: Your website shouldn’t look the same as any other dating website out there. You need a wide choice of templates and easily customize the one you like.
  • Content Moderation: Software must have the facility to approve or rejecting capability for each user-generated content.
  • Real-time Notifications: Your software must have the facility notify anything happening on your profile instantly.
  • Google Maps for Location: Your users can enter arbitrary location data, like the town, district, or zip code, and it will be translated into Google Maps data points. Google Maps* provides unmatched accuracy and always up-to-date location data.
  • User Search with Proximity: Need a facility to search for users: quick and extended mode. Proximity search, e.g. 50 miles from Los Angeles.
  • Drag and Drop profile builder: Beautiful people like to make their profile beautiful. With this, they can do it easily.
  • Automatic SPAM Protection: Your software must use sophisticated algorithms to filter out automated spambot registrations. You will not even see those on your website.
  • Smartphone Apps: Yes, without mobile apps no dating website can’t be successful in the era of smartphones.

Confused to start a dating website

Now, You might have lots of questions on your mind, right.

For instance:

  • Q1: Where do I find such premium software?
  • Q2: Should I need to hire some developer to do the job?
  • Q3: Oh no, do I really need both the website alongside mobile apps?
  • Q4: It would be time-consuming work?

and more…

Don’t worry. The answer to all the questions mentioned above is…

How To Start A Dating Website In 2021 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide] 1

What is SkaDate?

SkaDate is a turnkey dating software that allows you to build your own full-featured dating and community site in minutes!

What can you do with it?

You can launch a traditional match-making dating site, design a social network with the most advanced features available, or create a hybrid site that will wow potential subscribers. And, all the facilities mentioned above.

So, what makes SkaDate so special?

Unlike most dating software, SkaDate has a 100% open source code, which makes you the owner of your site data and gives you the freedom of complete customization. It offers a wide range of colorful stylish templates to give your website eye-popping appeal.

If you get tired of the look, you can change it with a click of a button in the administration panel.

Not only does SkaDate offer a range of unique dating and social networking features, they regularly add features and make improvements based on the customers’ feedback and ideas.

Purchasing the SkaDate license allows you for branding removal and now makes you eligible for free lifetime access to upgrades and updates.

Is it hard to build a site using SkaDate?

the answer is no. It’s very easy to build your own dating site using SkaDate Software, all you need is a domain name, a server account that meets SkaDate system requirements, and of course the software itself

If you don’t want to manage a server from your end, don’t worry they provide hosting too.

Choose the right Packages

Basic PackageComplete PackagePremium PackageBespoke Solution

skadate basic package

It offers dating site + services necessary to launch and run a dating site business. Also includes SkaDate Mobile Browser Version for basic functionality.

Choose it when you only need a supported dating website without self-branded mobile apps and mobile app monetization. Learn more on skadate.

SKAdate complete package

Offers both a dating website and branded PWA solution in one package at a discounted price. Makes it possible to customize and monetize mobile apps, distributable directly from your website (no app store submit option).

Choose it when you are serious about mobile and want customizable Tinder-like mobile apps under your business name and logo. Learn more on skadate.

skadate premium package

This is similar to the Complete Package but may also include optional personal project management service for the large-scale project (depending on the final project estimate) and custom development. Also, if your project entails custom and unique mobile apps, we will help you with the submission to app stores. This is the smartest way to buy custom development from us.

Choose it when you want a heavily modified website/app project. Learn more on skadate.

bespoke solution package

Full-scale long-term custom development;
Free choice to use SkaDate as your base platform, or start from scratch;
The development team for hire (Project Manager, Senior Software Developer, Designer, QA Specialist);
Best for launching projects with technology budgets of over $10,000.
Learn more on skadate.

Follow these steps to purchase a SkaDate Package

I know, you must be eager to know about the gift that I have promised at the beginning of this article.

So, what is it?

Yes, It is a coupon that will give you an instant $50 discount on any package of SkaDate.

And, the exclusive coupon is WPCRONS. Just copy this coupon to get the discount on SkaDate.

As you already selected your preferred package from above, I think you are good to go to buy the right package for your dating site.

Here are the steps:

Step1: Select your preferred package

Follow this link to select your preferred package.

start a dating website coupon apply

Remember, you could use the coupon only by following the link.

Step 2: Hosting and Support

I already mentioned that SkaDate provides a Hosting service too. But they also have the flexibility to install the software elsewhere you want to upload. As such you must have your own server.

Don’t worry they provide a full installation guide after purchase. And, we are here also to guide you anytime. You don’t need to worry about post-purchase installation.

So, select your preferred option the dropdown out there.

SkaDate Hosting Pricing

Next, you have to choose a support plan as per your requirement.

SkaDate Support pricing

Next, You have to fill up the License Owner Information and proceed with the payment using PayPal or CreditCard.

And you’re done

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased SkaDate software for you. You have crossed the most prominent stop on your way to start your dating website.
You will soon receive an email from SkaDate With all the guidelines. If you choose to host with them, they will provide the DNS to set up.

You just need to open your domain registrar and point the DNS record provided by SkaDate. Sometimes it takes a few hours to point the DNS records.

After successfully pointing the domain and all the installation will be done by SkaDate on their end, you are ready for the first impression of your dating website.

Now open a new tab on your browser and submit your domain name, you will redirect to your SkaDate dashboard after that enter your login details which SkaDate provide after Installation.

SkaDate Login Page

Choose an Attention-Grabbing Theme

There are many free themes available on your dashboard. Click on Appearance and select the one you like out there.

SkaDate Themes

Next, Open setting. Under the general setting, you need to type Site Name, Email, Tagline, Description, etc.

Complete all the settings carefully so that you can start earning from your site ASAP.

Wrapping Up and Now What Next?

Congratulation! You Have Created Your dating website In 2021 But What Next?

No, my friend, this is not the end, actually in my opinion you just have started the journey. You still need to do lots of things like SEO, marketing on Social media, and many more.

For being a successful dating website owner, you have to learn many things and implement all things to your site to see the results. My recommendation, create a new habit of learning new things dating websites daily from the internet.

I hope this article would be helpful to create your new successful empire today.

I also recommend you to join our WPCrons Facebook Page to stay updated with new stuff. I too very active there, if you face any issue then feel free to ask any time.

Don’t forget to Subscribe to our mail list.

Every single share motivates us a lot! I appreciate your effort.

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